Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this place for kids or adults?
BOTH! We want everyone, no matter what age you are to have a great time! All ages are welcome from open until 8pm. From 8pm until close, 21 & up only.

Who has to pay?
0 through 4, free at the door, 5 and up, you know what’s up! Anyone 5 years or older is required to pay $12 for admission. 

How old do I have to be to come by myself?
Legal driving age, which you will have to prove with your drivers license. Otherwise, please bring a responsible adult with you.

I’m with this group but I’m not playing games, do I have to pay?
Yes. $12.

What is the dress code?
There isn’t one, but please remember that sweet, innocent children may be present before 8pm so please use your best judgement.

Can I dress up as _______? (insert favorite anime, cartoon, comic, video game, or movie character)
Yes, but be prepared to get your picture taken. Cosplay is HEAVILY encouraged. In fact you may even see the Starship crew members in costume from time to time. Everyday can be Halloween for you my friend.

What kinds of games do you have?
Arcade games, pinball, console games, etc. Please check out some of what we have to offer on our Games page.

Do you have _________? (fill in the blank with the game you love)
Short answer: Probably. We have been doing our research and scanning the Earth for the best games in every category. We only have so much space so we have our games on rotation. Let us know what you are wanting to play!

Do you have gambling machines?
No. Absolutely not.

Do the games take quarters or tokens?
Neither. All games are set to free and start with the push of a button.

Are your games appropriate for my kid?
If you’re asking this question probably not. At the Electric Starship we offer games for everyone to enjoy. Some of our games have mature themes as we also cater to mature audiences. Parental discretion is advised.

Does it get busy?
Yes it does. Come earlier in the day or on Wednesday or Thursday to enjoy less of a crowd.

Do you have food and drinks?
Yes and Yes! Check out our Menu page to see our selection. Well when we get the menu page built. Expect movie theater snacks but with an emphasis on hot dogs.

And beer.

Can we bring in outside food?
Outside food is only permitted in the private party room.

Do you serve Alcohol?
Yes, beer and hard cider.

No, I mean the HARD STUFF! Do you have liquor?
Oh. Well then no.

Handicap accessible?
Absolutely. We have handicap parking and a ramp right at our entrance, and our restrooms are ADA-compliant.

Can I throw a _______ party there? (insert birthday, theme, or almost any other type of party you can think of)
Yes. $12 admission for all party participants. Tables are first come first serve so arrive early. However, we do offer a private party room for a bit extra. Email [email protected] for availability, reservations and details.

Can I use the private party room for my Fantasy Football Draft?
Absolutely, email [email protected] for availability, reservations and details

Can I rent the place out for corporate events / team building?
Yes, email [email protected] for availability, reservations and details

Can I smoke or vape inside?
No, we are a smoke/vape free establishment.

Cash or credit?
We take both.

Will you have hand sanitizer?
Yes, we will have hand sanitizer at multiple easy to find spots in the arcade.

Do I have to wear a mask?
You do not have to wear a mask.